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venerdì 30 maggio 2014

The beaches of Bosa   

Sas Covas: take via Alghero, toward Bosa Marina-Alghero direction, go straight at the traffic circle and follow the directions to “Sas Covas”.  You will go up along a dirt road where you can admire from above the small seaport and the beach of Bosa Marina. Continue until you  find a path that leads to a big house. Park the car nearby and take the path going down until landing on the moon. Smooth and undulating rock evoking a lunar scenery. Keep walking on  the moon, be careful here gravity exists and how, and find “Cane Malu”, a natural swimming pool formed of volcanic rocks. Very good for snorkeling or spending a quiet day. Don’t forget to bring food and water, there are no facilities. 

Cane Malu

Bosa Marina beach: equipped with bars and restaurants, it is surely one of the most popular beaches of this area. Thanks to its size, you won’t feel invaded by other bathers. 
Turas beach: from Bosa Marina continue to the street running along the see towards Oristano until find a  beach of sand and pebbles. This beach has long been frequented by surfers for its big waves  and untamed environment. More recently locals have shown a preference for this beach over the more crowded Bosa Marina. Along the seashore find beautiful colored natural stones. Close to the beach, there is a nice bar with large windows facing the sea and a pleasant garden to enjoy a cool Ichnusa (local beer). 
Porto Alabe: from Turas beach  the street continues up until crossing the villages of Magomadas and Tresnuraghes. Street signs will  help you to find it. This is a large sandy beach that’s never crowded.

Porto Alabe
Bosa Marina
Changing direction, and going north toward Alghero, you fill find perhaps the most captivating beaches. 

S’Abba Druche: transport by car to the beach costs 5 euro, but it is really well worth. There is a lovely bar situated at the top of a rock  from which to enjoy an  extraordinary view. There are two main beaches divided by a rock. Main access to the beach comes at a nominal fee but you can also access it for free from the main road down a path about 100 meters away.

Compultittu: about one km and half from S’abba druche, you will find a signal for parking (P) indicating “Compultittu” . Just beyond there is a path that takes you down to an idyllic sandy cove. The water here is extraordinary, changing color according to the time of day and the reflection of sky and vegetation. It is defenetly one of the best beaches  of the area, but also one of the most crowded in July and August due to its small size. I suggest to go in the early morning or during the late afternoon to enjoy a romantic  sunset. 

Tentizzos - Torre Argentina: years ago this was a wild camping refuge for hippies from all over Europe country. Nowadays  it’s a bit of a shabby camp ground camping with few visitors due to the lack of trees and tourist services. Nevertheless, it is a delightful place where nature, the sea and their fragrances mix together to create a magical atmosphere. Here too, car transport comes at a cost, but again, it’s absolutely well worth.  There are many places where you can spend the day entirely alone on your own  “private” beach.  With a little bit of imagination, the rocks become huge animals  or indefinite parts of the body. Beautiful water  and interesting  seabed for fishing or snorkeling. Up  a rocky promontory you will find an old Aragonese  tower called “Torre Argentina”. A climb to the top will reward you with a breathless view. Under the tower, there is a natural lagoon with a microcosm of shrimps, crabs, fish and shellfish living in a completely different habitat. Behind the lagoon, the rock wall curves into concave amphitheater. Try to sing or screen and  you will experience that the  acoustic is excellent.

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